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Eo - Irregular Latin Verb

Eo, ire, ii or ivi, iturus - go Indicative Present Active Sing1 - eo2 - is3 - itPl1 - imus2 - itis3 - euntIndicative ImperfectSing1 - ibam2 - ibas3 - ibatPl1 - ibamus2 - ibatis3 - ibantIndicative FutureSing1 - ibo2 - ibis3 - ibitPl1 - ibimus2 - ibitis3 - ibunt   Passive (Impersonal) PresentiturImperfectibaturFutureibiturPerfectitum estImperfectitum eratFutureitum erit Subjunctive Present Sing1 - eam2 - eas3 - eatPl1 - eamus2 - eatis3 - eant Subjunctive Imperfect Sing1 - irem2 - ires3 - iretPl1 - iremus2 - iretis3 - irent Subjunctive Perfect Sing1 - iverim2 - iveris3 - iveritPl1 - iverimus2 - iveritis3 - iverint Subjunctive Pluperfect Sing1 - ivissem2 - ivisses3 - ivissetPl1 - ivissemus2 - ivissetis3 - ivissent Imperative PresentSingipliteFutureSing2nd Personito3rd Personitopl2nd Personitote3rd Personeunto Gerund and Supine Gerundeundi, eundo, eundum, eundoSupineitum, itu Infinitives Infinitive PresentireInfinitive Perfectivisse, isseInfinitive Futureiturus esse Participles Participle Presentiens, euntisFuture Participleiturus Irregular Latin Verbs Eo Fio - to becomeVolo - to wishnolo, nolle, nolui to be unwilling and malo, malle, malui to prefer are similar. Sum - to beDo - to giveFero - to carryEdo - to eat About Irregular Latin Verbs

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Joseph Gatto, Former New York City Teacher Of The Year And...

John Taylor Gatto, former New York City Teacher of the Year and author of â€Å"Against School: How public education cripples our kids, and why,† believes that forced schooling essentially molds young minds into society’s servants. Gatto begins his argument by drawing on his own experience as a teacher and the history of schooling. He then demonstrates how schools turn children into consumers. Despite the fact that he believes that public education cripples young minds, he concludes by offering a solution. Although Gatto argues his point well by bringing in personal experience, background history, and effects, he generalizes many points, lowering his credibility. Teaching in the best and worst schools in America, Gatto himself experienced†¦show more content†¦Therefore, this lack of maturity leads children to believe everything they hear, stripping them of their independence, instead of independently thinking of something by themselves. Because everything is made more convenient, the demand for items, and more accessible, the kids are easily trained to become consumers by always wanting more. Concluding his writing, Gatto offers a fix to the traps of forced schooling. He advises to, instead, educate children to be independent leaders, speaking for themselves and within themselves. Throughout his years of teaching in the public schools, he finds geniuses are everywhere. Despite schools drilling and managing kids, Gatto believes the solution is to let kids manage themselves. While Gatto’s credibility leads the readers to subconsciously agree with all he writes, he over generalizes. While writing to students, he introduces bias by using words and phrases such as â€Å"wringer† or â€Å"deadly routine.† He generalizes by applying one thing to a whole subject matter. Gatto has only taught in Manhattan, but not everywhere in the United States. While many people may experience boredom, not everyone is diagnosed with it. Not all homeschoolers may be â€Å"happy,† as he states. The historical figures he mentions were not educated in the same way students are educated now; they were born of the selected type, genius or simply just lucky. He

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Mediation †Foundations Free Essays

The organization NAFAAS – is an acronym for the National Association of Fine and Applied Arts Students. It is a body that oversees the welfare of its members – the fine and applied arts students. It presents intricate issues as violation of student’s right to the department, organize social activities and exhibitions, and engage in educational tours and visits. We will write a custom essay sample on Mediation – Foundations or any similar topic only for you Order Now It is also vested with the responsibility of raising and nurturing capable leaders to promote the â€Å"art† culture. The body is organized and governed by the following elected officers: The President, the Vice-President, Secretary General, Financial Secretary, the Treasurer, Director of Socials, Director of Sports and the Curator. The members are all duly matriculated students of the University. They pay an annual registration fee to the body and attend general meetings when they are summoned. The conflict A misunderstanding ensured when it was time to utilize some money from the body’s account. The financial secretary has issued about a thousand receipts and handed over five hundred payments to the treasurer. The treasurer recorded the given amount and the receipts. Unknown to the treasurer, the financial secretary went to change the figures to reflect a collection of a thousand payment and receipt. The president was to organize a welcome party for the association’s freshers only to discover that the money reflecting in the account differ greatly from the one recorded. An executive meeting was immediately summoned and the figures were laid based on the records. After much deliberation, the financial secretary and the treasurer were asked to account and pay for the loss otherwise they be sanctioned with expulsion. For precisely two weeks, they could not see eye-to-eye. This called for another meeting. Third party. The curator, supported by the two-third majority of the house, moved the motion for a meeting and a meeting day was fixed. The agenda of course was to discuss and if possible to resolve the differences between the two executive members. The session lasted for about two hours with heated debate and arguments. The meeting was adjourned without a reasonable progress on how best to resolve the conflict. A third party was agreed upon unanimously – the Patron of the association. He was actually the â€Å"best† to resolve the conflict as the parties involved [treasurer, financial secretary] respects him so much, besides he is the first patron of the association. The mediation At a pre-determined date and time, the mediator [the patron] and the two parties involved in the conflict met at the Association’s secretariat. Then and there, the patron listened patiently as they both recount their role in the incident. The mediator, being a trained one observed the starts and stops, the inconsistency of the financial secretary tactfully asked â€Å"why are the figures in correcting fluid?† the financial secretary by surprise responded â€Å"no †and later â€Å"I don’t know†. This question is supposed to have been directed to the treasurer being that he handles the recorded amount. The subsequent questions, responses and gestures were all geared towards the mediator trying to facilitate solution progress. He tried as much as possible to cool the tensed atmosphere – a situation where no progress can be actualized. Further issues were raised about the carelessness of the treasurer – for keeping important and formal documents at such trivial places. After much deliberation, a solution was finally reached. This was basically because of the status of and for the patron, otherwise the financial secretary already pre-determine he would negate all proposition that would subsequently lead to the findings – at least on a short term. The persuasion of the mediator [the patron] also did help matters. Emotion was deeply mixed with fact and the resultant effect was felt in the change of atmosphere. The financial secretary was finally willing to co-operate and let the cat out of the bag. He confessed to both the patron and the treasurer that he was deeply sorry for the incident and the conflict. Later on, he was strongly advised by the patron never to perpetrate such act. The treasurer and the patron forgave him. The sessions lasted for roughly two hours, thirty-five munites and were advised to go about their daily activities without any mistrust. They also agreed never to share with any other person [executives inclusive] how it was resolved or who actually was at fault. If I were the mediator, I would have made it a caucus interrogation. First, I would get background information from reliable sources about their attitudes and behaviors. This first hand research may or may not contribute towards knowing who actually was at fault or mediating them. After which I would personally interrogate them. I would facilitate solution progress by making relevant interrogations, delving deep into relevant issues that will sum up o the overall purpose – mediation. After all efforts made and I do not get to the route of the matter, I may if I have, decide to fund the repay for peace’s sake. If I do not have the money, I will at my possible best try to convince them to tell the truth. I will remind them of their original willingness to resolve the whole issue. Then proceed to advice and warn against future occurrence. This I believe will make them want to resolve it all. I will also strongly warn that all discussions towards the process of mediation be treated as top secret for indeed they are. References  §Ã‚   Dr. Mickey S. (2002).   Mediation – Foundations. Background information. Retrieved: February 22, 2007 from How to cite Mediation – Foundations, Essay examples

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Leadership - Chrysalids free essay sample

A leader is someone who guides, helps, or directs others. In the novel The Chrysalids by John Wyndhyam, leadership is what helps the telepathic group escape successfully and survive outside the community of Waknuk. David, Gordon and Michael’s leadership skills help all of the group members in various ways. These three characters are good leaders because they guide and direct their group to reach their goals. Firstly, when David takes on the role of being a leader, he gives precise orders, which helps their plan be successful. For example, when Michael informs David that they need to escape out of Waknuk at that very moment, David tells Petra, â€Å"Get dressed as fast as you can. Overalls. And be very quiet† (123). David is making sure Petra knows exactly what needs to be done in order for them to get out of Waknuk safely and quickly. Another example is when Michael tells David what to tell the Norms in case of an examination. We will write a custom essay sample on Leadership Chrysalids or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page David passes on the information to Petra by saying, â€Å"Do you understand that Petra? You tell them you can just make think-pictures to Rosalind and me. Nothing about Michael, or Sealand people† (155). David is reassuring that Petra understands what to say and what not to tell them because if she tells them something she’s not supposed to, their plan will be unsuccessful. Finally, when David is teaching Petra about thought shapes, he tells her, â€Å"Do it slowly and gently, as if you were making it out of cobwebs† (113). As David educates Petra, he specifically tells her how and what the thought shapes should be like, which helps Petra learn everything faster. David always has an objective in mind and it’s always reached when he tries his best to guide others. Secondly, Gordon leads his group by making sure his men are strong enough to know that they need to go to any extent until their purpose is complete. For example, when Gordon is telling his men what to do with David, he says, â€Å"Chuck him out. And if he doesn’t seem to understand that that means stay out, shoot him† (164). Gordon’s men know that they will need to go to any extent like killing David if any problems arise. Also, when all the Fringes people are getting ready to ambush the Norms, David thinks to himself, â€Å"He seemed [seems] to be dividing his men up into parties and instructing them by drawing diagrams in the bare earth† (184). Gordon tries to explain to his men carefully and completely what needs to happen, by drawing the diagrams in the bare earth. That helps them give a visual view. In addition, when everyone is getting ready to attack, David thinks, â€Å"For one thing there were standing orders from the spider-man to shoot me† (185). He knows that if he does anything foolish, Gordon’s men won’t think twice before shooting David. This shows that Gordon is a strong leader because all his men will not dare to go against his word and will make sure they go to any limit to fulfill orders given. Gordon conducts his group and makes sure anything and everything is done so the victory is his. Also Michael does everything in his power to ensure the safety of his group. Whenever Michael advises the group, he makes sure every detail is covered so there is no chance of error. Firstly, when all of the group members are trying to put together the details of what the Sealand woman says, Michael tries to figure it out by saying, â€Å"But what she seemed to me to be putting across was that she was particularly surprised to find it among†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (140-141). Michael discusses what is heard with the group. Secondly, when David, Petra and Rosalind are on the run, Michael keeps filling them in and tells them, â€Å"They’ll start to follow your tracks as soon as it’s light. Better get moving soon. I don’t know how it is in front of you, but†¦Ã¢â‚¬  (142-143). Michael helps his group by telling them all the information he knows. The information Michael finds out and passes onto the rest of the group, is helpful for their goal of getting out of Waknuk without getting caught. Lastly, when David, Petra and Rosalind are on the run, while Petra and Rosalind are sleeping, Michael tells David, â€Å"You mustnt let them get hold of Rosalind or Petra – far better to kill them yourself than let that happen to them† (143). Michael ensures that David knows that it is better for them to not live than to go through the torture the norms would put them through if they were to be caught. He tells David what the best thing to do is if they are in that situation. The group reaches their goals faster when Michael keeps filling them in on whats going on everywhere else and when he helps them with what needs to be done. In conclusion, in order for goals to be reached, a group needs strong leaders for guidance and direction. David gives precise orders as a leader, which helps everything to be done quicker and there are more chances of the plan being successful. There are times when Gordon gives strong orders, causing people following the orders to go out of their way to fulfill them. Michael is a good leader who will do everything possible to keep his group away from any danger. Good leaders possess strong leadership qualities such as guidance and direction that help to succeed in what needs to be accomplished.

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The Importance of Being Earnest Review

'The Importance of Being Earnest' Review ​​The Importance of Being Earnest is Oscar Wildes most well-known and best-loved play, as well as being an enormous success in his lifetime. For many people, it is the apogee of Wildes work. Like Wilde, the play is the very embodiment of fin de sieclà © British dandyism. However, this seemingly frivolous play has a much darker side. Its critique of Victorian societythough delivered in a velvet gloveis every inch an iron fist. The play is a satire both of the hypocrisies of the society in which Wilde lived, and the damaging effect that these hypocrisies can have on the souls of those live under their rule. Wilde was to become one of those souls shortly after the first performance of the play when he initiated a libel trial that was to lead to his imprisonment for being a homosexual.​ Overview ofThe Importance of Being Earnest The play is based around two young men, one of whom is an upright young man called Jack who lives in the country. However, in order to escape the drudgery of his highly conservative lifestyle, he has created an alter-ego, Ernest, who has all kinds of reprobate fun in London. Jack says he often has to visit his poor brother Ernest, which gives him his opportunity to escape his boring life and have fun with his good friend, Algernon. However, Algernon comes to suspect that Jack is leading a double life when he finds a personal message in one of Jack’s cigarette cases. Jack makes a clean breast of his life, including the fact that he has a young and attractive ward by the name of Cecily Cardew back on his estate in Gloucestershire. This piques Algernons interest and, uninvited, he turns up on the estate pretending to be Jack’s brotherthe reprobate Ernestin order to woo Cecily. In the meantime, Jacks fiancà ©e, (and Algernons cousin) Gwendolen has also arrived, and Jack admits to her that he is, in fact, not called Ernest, but is called Jack. Algernon, despite his better judgment, also confesses to Cecily that his name is not Ernest either. This causes a good deal of trouble in our heroes love lives, as both women have a rather strange attachment to the name Ernest, and cannot consider marrying anyone who does not go by that name. There is another impediment to the marriages. Gwendolens mother, Lady Bracknell, will not countenance her daughter marrying someone of Jacks social status (he was an orphan who was found by his adoptive parents in a handbag at Kings Cross Station). As Jack is Cecilys guardian, he will not allow her to marry Algernon unless his aunt, Lady Bracknell changes her mind. This seemingly irresolvable conundrum becomes brilliantly solved when, on inspection of the handbag, Lady Bracknell reveals that Algernons brother had become lost in just such a handbag and that Jack must, in actuality, be that lost child. What’s more, the child had been christened Ernest. The play ends with a prospect of two very happy marriages. The Importance of Being Earnest combines a labyrinthine plot, the seemingly irresolvable narrative of a farce, and some of the most comic and wittiest lines ever written. It is, as can probably be surmised from its extraordinary to-ings and fro-ings and its incredibly unlikely resolution, is not to be taken as a serious drama. Indeed, the characters and the setting lack any real depth; they are, first and foremost, vessels for Wilde’s witticisms lampooning the shallow and roots-obsessed society in which he lived.   However, this is not to the plays detriment – the audience is treated to some of the most sparkling verbal wit ever seen. Whether luxuriating in paradox or simply in the ridiculousness created by the plot that Wilde has set in motion, the play is at its best when it is portraying supposedly serious things in an extremely trivial matter.   However, this seeming piece of fluff is enormously influential and is actually a destructive critique of the social mores of the times. The emphasis that is put in the play on surfacesnames, where and how people were brought up, the way that they dressbelies a yearning for something which is more substantial. Wilde can be credited, by producing a piece of polished decadence, with contributing to the destruction of a class-based, surface-obsessed society. Wildes play seems to say, look beneath the surface, try and find the real people stifled beneath social norms. Brilliant, inventive, witty andwhen performedabsolutely hilarious, Wildes The Importance of Being Earnest, is a landmark in the history of Western theater, and probably that writer’s greatest achievement.

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Statistical Mathematics Statistics Project Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Statistical Mathematics - Statistics Project Example The peak is flat, which is characterized by kurtosis = -0.05. The peak is off centered; the distribution is slightly skewed to the right, which is marked by skewness = 0.06. Figure 2 illustrates histogram of daytime accidents. Visual inspection shows that the frequency distribution does not have a bell curve shape. The histogram does not have a peak and frequencies are not equally distributed. The peak is flat, which is characterized by kurtosis = -0.07. The peak is off centered; the distribution is moderately skewed to the right, which is marked by skewness = 0.42. Figure 3 illustrates histogram of total vehicles on the street. Visual inspection shows that the frequency distribution does not have a bell curve shape. The histogram resembles the back of a two-humped camel; it is close to a bimodal distribution. The histogram does not have a peak and frequencies are not equally distributed. The peak is flat, which is characterized by kurtosis = -0.88. The peak is off centered; the distribution is moderately skewed to the left, which is marked by skewness = -0.14. The assignment is using a data set that has three variables: daytime car accidents, nighttime car accidents and total observed cars in evaluating number of accidents (Table 1). . The distribution characters of the variable in statistics are measured through the calculation and analysis of central tendency and dispersion of the data set. The following section provides the analysis mentioned above. Each variable has twelve values. The assignment uses mean, mode, median, and midrange to study the central tendency of the data set. Table 2 describes the central tendency. The mean and median tell us about data those are on the right and left sides of theses values. For example, total cars mean is 450. In ascending orders, the set shows that five values are on the left, and seven values are on the right side of the average. When we compare the same set with the median value of